British male voiceover reel scripts.

My commercial voiceover demo reel scripts

Asda: Dave wants take-out but Sandra wants to go to a restaurant. So, they get divorced. With Asda, there's no need to compromise.

Saga: With Saga you'll get prompt, easy access to diagnosis, private treatment when and where you need it most and a warm welcome home.

Gamble Aware: I'm addicted to slot machines and I lost everything and everyone. I wish I'd been gamble aware.

Natural History Museum: The Natural History Museum was brilliant today. I learnt about oceans, outer space and dinosaurs.

Headspace: That's me on a crowded train. I'm ok, but everyone else hasn't heard of Headspace.

Burberry: Classic. Contemporary. Mr. Burberry Indigo. For men of contrast.

LG: Imagine a world without limits. LG. Imagine.

Natwest: Natwest's paperless mortgage application. I can apply online. When mum lifts my internet ban.

Mecca Bingo: Full house! Full house over here! This lady next to me has a full house! Mecca Bingo. Fun for everyone.

Cold water: If our life's in danger it's human nature to fight. But you can't fight cold water.

My narration voice over demo reel scripts

Unilever: Pick a day. Monday. Ok. On Monday 2.5 billion people used Unilever products. Pick another day. Saturday. Good choice. On Saturday 2.5 billion people used Unilever products. Not just to look and feel good, but to help us build a brighter future. Together, we have a unique opportunity to really make a difference; to make sustainable living a way of life.

Human's Nature: Humans are inextricably linked with nature by the law of cause and effect. Everything we do contributes to global transformations that have become part of everyday life. And we are all responsible. But we can all change the world.

SS Richard Montgomery: WWII ammunition ship the SS Richard Montgomery lies on the sea bed, just 1.5 miles from the Sheerness coastline. Clearly visible from land, the sunken vessel contains disturbing cargo: 1,400 tonnes of explosives.

Horrendous Houses: 7 out of 10 Brits claim they’re too busy to clean their home, leaving a nation covered in dust, dirt and detritus. From filth in Finchley to grime in Great Yarmouth, tonight, we take a peek behind the doors of Britain’s Horrendous Houses.

Bullying: Bullying has forever been an issue in schools but now it’s not just in the playgrounds. It’s on children’s phones, tablets and computers. Feeling safe at home is no longer a given and the hardest thing for victims of bullying to do is tell someone.

My podcast voice over demo reel scripts

Intro: You’re listening to the Martin Whiskin Voiceover podcast. A collection of tales and anecdotes from inside the booth.

Welcome: Hello, welcome, thank you for listening and all that sort of stuff. I have a lot to cover today so let’s get straight into it.

Advice: If I could give one piece of advice to new businesses, it would be to network. There’s no faster way to build meaningful relationships than to show up consistently.

Letters: Ok this letter is from Dave and Dave says, “Hello, I’ve never listened to your podcast, right good start Dave, but my friend told me if I wrote in, you might say my name. My name’s Dave. Thanks, from Dave." Umm, yeah, thanks Dave. Here’s an ad.

Ad: From the makers of the Real Horror podcast comes something even more sinister…. True Tales from the Dark Side.


Drama: There we were, sitting in frozen silence. Waiting for whatever it was in there with us to make it’s next move. All of a sudden my friend grabbed my arm and said… “It just touched my shoulder”.

Segue: Still to come on this episode - a breathing technique for reducing anxiety.

Instruction: This one is extremely simple. Inhale through your nose for a count of 5, and exhale as if you’re blowing through a straw, again for 5.

Goodbye: And that’s a wrap for another episode. Please don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment and we’ll talk to you soon. 'Til next time!

Tagline: The Martin Whiskin Voiceover podcast was brought to you by Martin Whiskin Voiceover Podcast Productions.

My explainer voice over demo reel scripts

Bokio: Accounting never seems easy and always seems expensive. Bokio is the opposite. Simple and free.

Cat: Sandra has hidden Dave’s water pistol. He’s got to find a new way to stop next door’s cats from… you know… on the lawn.

Real Is Beautiful: The definition of beautiful is changing. Our products are for real people because real is beautiful.

Video Marketing: Research tells us that over 90% of businesses think video is important. 80% said their explainer directly helped them to increase sales.

Optivo: We don’t build homes, we make them. We make them for the people who need them most. This is Optivo


Future Learn: Using Future Learn couldn’t be easier. Step 1. Pick a course. Step 2. Do the course. Step 3. Go back to Step 1.

My corporate voice over demo reel scripts

Settled: Jack was worried about which online estate agent to pick. But he settled on Settled. They made him feel, settled.

NHS: 1.4 million people are treated by the NHS each day. A thousand patients every single minute.


Virtual Reality: By harnessing the explosive potential of game-based technology, virtual reality has revolutionized military training.

LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD for short, is a hallucinogenic drug. Effects typically include distorted thoughts, feelings, and awareness of one's surroundings.

Costa: By providing quality education to coffee growing communities, the Costa Foundation has changed 75,000 lives for the better.


Information Age: The information age is over. The age of experience begins.

My meditation voice over demo reel scripts

Welcome: Welcome. Make sure you’re sitting or lying comfortably and then close your eyes.


Breathe: Take a moment just to breath deeply and slowly. Allowing yourself to relax and calm your body and mind.


Focus: And breathing normally now, trying to focus on every breath without controlling it.


Thoughts: And now, be free. Allow your thoughts to come and go, observing each one as it passes.


Goodbye: Again, take a moment to breath deeply and slowly as we come toward the end of the session. Take the relaxed and calm feeling into the rest of your day

My IVR/phone voice over demo reel scripts

Hello and thank you for calling Martin Whiskin voice over. Your call’s very important to me, so if you wouldn’t mind holding, I’ll be with you as soon as I can.


If you know the number of the extension you require, please enter it now. Thanks. I'm going to redirect you.


We know everybody says this but we really are sorry to keep you waiting. We shouldn't be too much longer so, please hold.


Unfortunately, you've called outside of business hours. We're open from 9 'til 5, Monday to Friday.


Did you know, we don't just provide on hold messaging services, we also deal with VOIP, business mobiles and broadband.

Hi, I'm on the move at the moment, so please leave your name, a quick message and how to get in touch and I'll get back to you. Cheers!

Sorry, this number is no longer in service.

Would you mind taking part in a quick survey with us? You can answer the questions by pressing the buttons on your phone. Press one for yes or two for no.

Thanks for calling and hopefully we'll talk soon.

My poetry voice over demo reel script

I am a voice over

An artist of the word

No expressions to be seen

Just emotions to be heard

Seemingly so simple

Yet so utterly dense

What I can do for you

Is much more than pictures or text

I can wrench at your heart

I can open your mind

I can leave you………. wanting more

I can leave you…. behind

All that’s left to say

Is there’s really only one choice

I simply must implore you

To use the power…. of voice