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Linguahouse Case Study

A problem

E-learning company Linguahouse produced a video recently about the Guinness World Records, for their students. Some parts are interviews with record holders but other parts are shots of record attempts and these are the bits that need voiceover.

It might sound simple enough but the structure of the video is rigid. The voiceover needs to be timed precisely and placed into the specific segments.

In addition, the existing audio will need to be balanced with my parts, so nothing clashes.

The production quality of Linguahouse videos is high, so there's no room for even the slightest of errors. 

Linguahouse logo

A solution

The first thing that happens is making sure the words in the script fit in the spaces available in the video. A quick practice run to get the pacing right is essential - some bits may need to be voiced quicker than others and it's best to sort it out before hand to minimize trips in and out of the vocal booth.


For recording my voiceover work I use Cubase 11 - the latest version of Steinberg's digital audio workstation. 

It has a really great feature that allows you to import videos that you can play back and listen to, which makes syncing  voiceover to the production extremely easy.


You can see in the image below where my lines have all been chopped up and moved into position on the timeline, ensuring that my voice doesn't overlap with any of the interviews.

Cubase 11 video player


It's all in the pre-planning really. You can make sure there's enough space for voiceover simply by reading the script out loud along with the video. If you have to rush to fit the words in, you can either change the words or the video. 

In the age of Tik Tok and Instagram, everybody is a film maker. Due to poorly lit, shaky cell phone footage flooding these social media sites, audiences have become desensitised to inferior visuals. Audio is a different matter. Bad sound quickly gets people muting, or worse, turning off  altogether.


Linguahouse now have a video that's seamless, with a voiceover that fits perfectly in between the interviews. The levels of the original audio have been balanced to the VO, meaning the listener won't have to strain to hear parts or ride the volume controller.

Get in touch so we can chat about syncing voiceover with your videos.

Audio Results


With Martin's help we have a video that our students can learn from without distractions.




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