Marketing Outsource Case Study

A problem

Lenny Wood of Marketing Outsource got in touch with a request from his client. They'd seen an animated infographic on the subject of DaaS (device as a service) which they liked but couldn't use it themselves for copyright reasons.


So, they had an animation made with an 'in house' voice, but it lacked two cherries for the top. Music and... have a guess... yup, a professional voiceover.


A solution



Looking over the script and assessing what the client wanted to say, I decided on a tone that was appropriate for the piece.


I'd also been tasked with finding a track that suited not only my voice but also the words and video. Every piece of a production has to marry up, or something just won't feel right to the audience.


As the animated explainer had already been signed off, it was important the voiceover lined up perfectly with each part. There was no wiggle room. Explainers often have text on screen which needs to sync with the audio.


Once the VO was recorded, I made sure everything was in alignment with the animation.


Videos without audio or with poor audio quality, quite simply, are less engaging to the viewer and therefore less effective in getting your message across.


In the age of social media, where people spend hours watching badly made self-shot video footage, inferior visuals are mostly forgiven. But bad audio... that turns people off much quicker.


The end product is a video of their very own that not only looks good but sounds good. They're safe in the knowledge they can use it wherever they like and what they wanted to say is being communicated in the best way possible.


Get in touch so we can chat about getting your video polished up!

Audio results


With your skillset, I was able to put all of the pieces together and deliver the video.



Lenny Wood

0773 466 4877

info ((at)) marketingoutsource ((dot)) co ((dot)) uk

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