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Don't consume these before a voice over recording

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a list of foods and drinks that don't go well with a voice over session. I'll probably be the one who uses this most as I always seem to forget what caused me issues either in the booth or during editing. It will be an alphabetical list which I'll add to over time, perhaps with some short descriptions of the effects the food/drink caused.

Cherry Pepsi Max

Ridiculously, it was the gas that caused the problem. BURPS. I kept having to stop mid sentence and restarting.


This coated my mouth with...well, chocolate.


One or two cups around 5am is ok for me. But any later in the day and I've lost the water vs coffee battle. It creates more clicks and makes me more thirsty.

Green Apple

A lot of people swear by these to get rid of mouth clicks. But for me, it had the same effect as Lemon & Ginger Tea. It made it worse and tightened my mouth.

Jakemans Throat Sweets

Another tight mouth offender.

Lemon & Ginger Tea

This made my mouth tight and dry. The main offender here I think is the lemon.

Peanut Butter On Toast

This gave me a really sticky, clicky mouth. A stupid decision directly before an audition.

Pop Tarts & A Glass Of Milk

First off, I know this is a terrible breakfast! For something to have just before voicing, it's even terribler. Sticky and stodgy mouth, blurgh.


It's important to note here that I still use these. Not often, and always AFTER recording. But before, they make my throat cold, which when the water hits it, is like sword swallowing an icicle.

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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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