New animated explainer video collaboration

In the past year, I've met a lot of people virtually (as is THE THING now) to keep business moving and to have some sort of social contact other than just the Tesco delivery driver.

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to bump into a fine gentlemen named Ben Bowles, a videographer/photographer from Kent. We chatted on something called Zoom, perhaps you've heard of it, for about 8 hours (1 hour) and I found out how he wasn't content with just being a videographer, photographer and other types of ographer.

He had decided to also become an animatographer.

Ok, that one's not quite real. He actually said he was going to start making animated explainer videos. That's him in the picture...

Graphic displaying Ben Bowles, animated explainer video creator

What is an explainer video?

Well, the name gives it away really. It's a video that explains.

But if you insist on having a bit more detail, fine. I'll give it to you.

An explainer animation is a short marketing video (usually between 1-2 minutes long) outlining a company's product or service. They can differ greatly in style - (I know nothing about the terms/names of animation styles so this will be ridiculous) - techy, bright and bouncy, text based, umm, you get the point. You're only really limited by the artists imagination and how a style fits with your brand.

They can have music and sound effects and quite often... a voice over.

Ah, yes, so that's why I'm telling you about Ben. I remember now.

His explainer video service is offering three tiers (which you can read about on his website), one of which I am bolted on to. He does the video, I do the voice. How beautiful? Very.

Why use explainer videos?

It's simple really. Why WOULDN'T you use an explainer?


If you're still not using video content for your marketing yet, come on maaaaaaan, it's the 2020s.

What are the benefits of animated explainer videos?

  • They quickly grab the viewers attention

  • They can show complex information in easily understandable ways

  • They attach emotion and feeling to your brand

  • They're more memorable than a plain old text blog about a product or service

  • They let you show your brand's personality

  • They enable you to get your message across without being salesy

  • They allow you to tell a story

  • They are VERY accessible

  • They can touch on a pain point and offer the solution

  • They give you better Google rankings

  • They're an easily shareable pitch you can use over and over again

Of course, there's an example here telling you exactly how to make an animated explainer video. I'll summarise. Don't. Get Ben to do it.

So, if you're looking for a wicked cool animated explainer video company who can make you a wicked cool explainer video with voice over, then go talk to Ben, who will then talk to me and then...

...I can talk for you.

Yes, that was cheesey, but it's staying.



To see full details of the service, including how much an explainer video costs, visit Ben's website:

Thanks for subscribing!