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The Creative Collective

I love a bit of networking.

Without Zoom, the past couple of weird years would have been pretty lonely from a business perspective. I met hundreds (if not thousands) of people all working from their home offices as germs flew around outside.

But I got to thinking that the events I was visiting were lacking people working in creative roles and these are the sort of people I needed more of in my life!

Toward the end of 2021 I started getting in touch with some of my contacts asking if they knew of any events for creatives. The answers flowed in.




No, let's start one.


Ben Bowles was the trigger to get this thing moving and The Creative Collective was born.

The Creative Collective networking group logo

The idea behind the group is "collaboration, not competition". It's fun, fast paced and friendly.

The logo is designed by a good friend of ours John Turner of Simply Design. We think it captures the feel of the group perfectly.

We've been averaging 30 people per meeting, working as...

Photographers, videographers, web designers, graphic designers, musicians, singers, actors, voice over artists, authors, copy writers, ghost writers, script writers, editors, publishers, marketing agencies, record labels, video games designers, sound recordists, foley artists, sound designers, app designers, content creators, image consultants, jewellery makers, knife makers, medal makers, 3d prop printers, producers, presenters... AND MORE.

Our rabble of full members is growing nicely and we recently worked with one of them (Nikki from NDH Productions) on the brilliant video below.

As if by magic, if you're interested in having a video like this, please take a look at the kinetic typography animation page. Come on now, I couldn't do a post without a call to action.

But let's get back on track.

If you work in a creative role/business and want to network with like minded individuals to build your business, get support when you need it and most importantly... have fun... come along to The Creative Collective.

We run every other Wednesday at 1pm on Zoom. Everybody gets 3 free visits before having to decide if you'd like to join us forevaaaa.

Register for a ticket:


Thanks for subscribing!

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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