What does a voice over artist do all day? Part 2.

Voice over artistes (that's French for voice over artists) are always learning their craft, whether they've been a VO for 20 days or 20 years. Always learning. But we're also learning about other topics by default. Lots of scripts we work on are about things we have absolutely no knowledge of, and this was particularly obvious this week.


That's the first thing I had to look up. Turns out I actually have some in my garage for various purposes, I just never knew their name.

A carabiner - a spring-loaded metal loop used to connect components. For example, in rock climbing.

This was for a pitch video for a company looking to make a new type of carabiner, for the Chinese construction industry. It seems there are a lot of falls from very tall buildings due to faulty or inferior versions. I think I'll leave mine in the garage.

Continuing my journey around the world, my next stop was Norway. Svalbard to be precise. A short narration piece about this archa... archipu...archipelago. Nailed it.

Svalbard, I'd not heard of. Archipelago, I'd not heard of either. Good start.

Svalbard (I wonder how many more times I'll type that) is an archipelago (group of islands) between Norway and The North Pole. It's desolate, rugged, beautiful. Have a look at some pictures in Google. We decided on quite a calm tone of voice, so not much emphasis on words or use of obvious emotion. I liked this job a lot - and a big part of that was learning about a place that I'd absolutely love to visit some day.

Svalbard. Once, it was once more.

To finish up I had a fun job voicing for some RAF animations. FINALLY SOMETHING I'D HEARD OF BEFORE!! These were for an online version of their old activity workbooks for children.

My niece is around the age demographic for these so I imagined talking to her throughout.

Luckily she didn't misbehave so my first day as a teacher couldn't have gone better.

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