What does a voice over artist do all day? Part 5.

This week was an absolute blast. I was always told voice over should be fun and the past few days have been nothing short of...well...fun.

For some reason, the majority of scripts I've had in were filled with humour. I've always enjoyed having a laugh and messing about (much to the annoyance of my family), so this was right up my street.

That Monkey Game is a new card game from a group of guys in America. It looks like it would be perfect for a night in with friends who like embarrassing each other. I know plenty of those...

They have a Kickstarter campaign running for which I provided the explainer video voiceover.

INFORMATION ALERT: An explainer video is a video that explains something.

After that I did a Spotify ad for an online food ordering portal type thing. This needed what I call a "funny voice over". That doesn't mean a stupid voice or silly noises, rather feeling the fun within the script. One where I could have a bit of a play and get all sarcastic like. Again, I had a great time doing this - it was written in such a way that was ever so slightly mocking of their competitors - OTHER PLACES TO BUY FOOD ARE AVAILABLE.

For an example of a funny voice over commercial, listen to the Asda clip which plays first here:

Last up was a job that really hit home with how things are changing in these COVID times.

A local-ish comedy festival had to cancel, for obvious reasons, but they've decided to take it online. It really got me thinking about how we're consuming media. So much of it is already online, but the things that we do still go out for, well, they're online now too.

I've been watching musicians play shows online from their living rooms and it's made everything feel even more real. Not that I didn't believe it was happening, but sitting in my computer chair, in front of my monitor, as a thousand other people did the same...it felt very strange and quite emotional. The human connection was lost in some ways, but in a new way, it was very much alive.

Mark Chadwick from The Levellers performing in his home, being watched on Youtube

I'm waffling again - Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival is running from 12th - 14th June and providing a voice narration for the intro video is what I was involved with. Organised by a great, friendly bunch.

Will this be the new normal? Time will tell, but it might be a long while before it does.

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