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Ok so why should you buy a pre recorded voicemail greetings download?


The benefits really speak for themselves.


  • It connects with the customer on a level that messages recorded in house often don't
  • It creates lasting first impressions, that your callers will remember
  • It shows professionalism and after all, a business is professional, right?
  • It shows you pay attention to detail in every part of your business

I’m not saying in house recordings are bad, but the quality can often suffer and surely it’s important to show your customers you care – both about them and your company. If Trevor from IT did yours while he was scratching his back with his shoe and grimacing at Muriel across the desk, will it sound the best it can?


Don't forget to look at my other business telephone messages - unavailable, on hold, out of hours and busy.


This is one of 3 busy messages available in the shop. Others:

Busy message 2

  • Hello, thanks for calling. We’re busy helping other customers at the moment. Please call back later.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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