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Plain and simple.


If you need something a bit longer than this one, then fill in the contact form so we can start talking!


Each download contains 3 audio formats. WAV, MP3 and µ-Law. WAV and MP3 will be for your modern telephone systems and µ-Law is for the old ones.


Of course, in the next few years everybody will have to move to VOIP phones, which means a better quality call connection. What that also means is the need for better quality telephone messages.


If you have really bad messages now, they kind of get disguised a bit if you're on the copper network. The audio quality is so low that it can hide imperfections. But on a VOIP system, bad quality will be exposed! Be ready!


I've recently practiced what I preach and got myself onboard the VOIP train - making calls from the computer or the app has saved me so much time going upstairs to get signal!


This is one of 4 call-end messages available in the shop. Others:

Call end message 4

  • Goodbye.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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