A 30 minute session with me to talk about whatever you like or wherever our chatting takes us!


There's nothing better for English speaking practice, than... speaking English! Even better is to do it with someone native in that language, which is where I come in. One of the main adavntages of conversation practice is that you never know where it will take you. It helps you to think quicker become more confident in your speaking.


You can book as few or as many sessions as you like and I'll be your English conversation partner for all of them. 


If you'd prefer a taster session first, to see if we can work together, book for a free 20 minute slot here


Testimonial from a long term client
"Once again it was an enormous pleasure to spend time talking with Martin, in order to improve my English. I couldn’t have hoped to find a better speaking partner. It is a real luxury to be able to practice English with a professional voice actor: it’s like having a 5-star VIP experience. I can’t wait for our next series of sessions to start. Speak soon!"

30 minute session


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