A whole hour of English speaking (and listening!) so you can practice in real conversations. 


One of the main benefits of English conversation practice is that you get immediate feedback. You don't have to wait for a tutor to mark your work. I'm here to answer any queries with prounciations whilst we're talking to each other!


Having conversations is the perfect way to learn and practice a wide variety of vocabulary in a short amount of time. One minute you could be talking about Stonehenge, the next about an article from the news and then onto what you did on your birthday. That's the beauty of it - the random nature of a conversation means you're forced into quick thinking. Text on a page doesn't go anywhere! 


You can book as many sessions as you like by increasing the quantity in the shopping cart. I'll be in touch when I recieve the order so we can arrange dates and times that work for both of us.


If you'd like to test the waters first before committing, then book a free 20 minute intro session so we can see if we get along well enough to take it further!



I don’t think I’ve ever worked with someone as professional, genuine and cool as Martin. We started our conversation sessions – in order to improve my language skills – in October 2019. Since then, twice a week, I’ve not only enjoyed the quality of the audio (as a voice actor, Martin is professionally equipped with all the necessary tools), but I’ve also fully benefited from his perfect pronunciation. I hope we’ll continue working together and sharing good vibes for a long time to come and can’t wait for our next contract to start!"

60 minute session


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