This is a free taster session of 20 minutes so you can work out if I'm right for you. This will be enough time for you to get a feel for my personality and if you think you'd enjoy having conversations with me to improve your English speaking skills.


There's absolutely no charge or obligation to take this further. If you don't enjoy it or don't think it will be beneficial, no hard feelings! 


At the very least, you'll get a short, sharp burst of English speaking practice while on this call, so it won't all be bad. You might even learn a new word or two!


Testimonial from a previoius client
"Martin is an engaging young man who helped me a lot with his conversational English lessons. My conversations with Martin have increased my confidence to communicate in English. If you are looking for an English native speaker who takes his work very seriously, then Martin may also be someone for you."

20 minute session


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