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One of ten professional on hold recordings for business that are available in the shop. Don't just leave your callers talking to themselves, keep them informed of the situation. There's nothing worse than an angry customer getting angrier because they feel they've been forgotten about!


On hold messages can be used for more purposes than trying to keep a waiting customer happy. They can be used for marketing – your customer is already on the line, why not let them know of a service or product you have to offer.


You can provide further contact details so they don’t have to hang around or you can guide them to a website if you have online support.


Get in touch on the contact page if you think these other options might be of use.


This is one of 8 on hold messages available in the shop. Others:

On hold message 1

  • Hello, thank you for calling. All our agents are currently busy. Please hold and we’ll be with you shortly.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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