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On hold telephone messages aim to keep the caller engaged, informed and reassured. The tone of voice I’ve used on these recordings is friendly, approachable and professional. I think that’s what most businesses would like to think about themselves!


A professional answer message can elevate your business above others just by giving your customers a better impression of you when they call. Why only invest in your physical or online presence? If your phone rings zero times a year, that make senses. But if you're often getting messages after hours or when you're busy, why not pay attention to that as well?


To me it’s like a feature film where the audio is recorded in a bathroom on an old tape deck!


Something else to consider is on hold marketing. Your caller is a captive audience... sell to them! Check out the blog post for more details.


This is one of 8 on hold messages available in the shop. Others:

On hold message 4

  • We're sorry to keep you waiting, your call will be handled shortly.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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