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A package of 5 yes FIVE on hold telephone messages for businesses. The first two are greetings, one of which alerts the caller they are being placed on hold, the other says they are being transfered.


The other 3 messages are variations on a theme for when a customer is already on hold. It's important to keep a caller engaged (excuse the rather excellent phone pun), and you do that by using different messages, rather than repeating the same one over and over.


You can hear all of the messages on the main shop page.


This package makes a saving a £20.80 across all of the on hold messages. Bargain!

On Hold Messages Pack

  • On hold message 1
    Hello, thank you for calling. All our agents are currently busy. Please hold and we’ll be with you shortly.

    On hold message 2
    Hello, thank you for calling – please hold while we transfer you.

    On hold message 3
    Thanks for holding, your call will be dealt with as soon as possible.

    On hold message 4
    We're sorry to keep you waiting, your call will be handled shortly.

    On hold message 5
    Please continue to hold and an operator will be with you soon.

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