Another simple out of office message that covers all reasons you may be closed - just by saying "we're currently closed". How secretive! It may be due to the blasted pandemic, but you might have fancied shutting off from the world to sit quietly and listen to some bangin’ tunes.


So what's the fuss about pre recorded voicemail messages? Well, it's a fast, cost effective solution in a time when everyone is tightening their purse strings.


Have a think about your current messages. Do they give off a good impression of your brand? Does the voice sound engaging? Friendly? Is the person who recorded them still working for you? A huge plus of getting messages by a voice artist is there’ll never leave your company! Consistency is key.


If this one doesn't suit you, this isn't the only out of hours message in the store!

After hours / out of office message 3

  • Hello and thank you for calling. We’re currently closed. Please leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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