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It's important to keep your customers happy, even on the phone. So here's a reassuring, empathetic professional business voicemail greeting.


First impressions are important and this message will better connect with the customer, create those lasting first impressions, show professionalism and show that you pay attention to detail in every part of your business.


What would a customer prefer when calling? A message that sounds like it’s been record by Phil from the research department round the back of the printer while Sue has a coughing fit in the cupboard OR a message that sounds clear, clean and friendly?


I'll happily call you to listen to your voicemail message and give you a free appraisal, no obligation!


This is one of 4 unavailable messages available in the shop. Others:


Unavailable message 4

  • Hello, unfortunately, we’re unable to take your call at the moment. We know your time is precious, so instead of sitting around on hold, we’ll call you back. Please leave your name, number and a reason for your call. Thank you.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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