Voice over techniques and tips

These videos (more soon!) contain a collection of vocal warm ups, exercises and techniques commonly used by voiceover artists, actors and singers. You can learn and use these whether you're a beginner or a legend in the arts. 

NOTE: VIDEOS CONTAIN BAD JOKES. (And by bad, I mean good).


What is a pop shield?

How to make a swoosh sound effect with your mouth

How to talk faster
How to get a deeper voice

How to sound sexy

What is a pop shield?
The title pretty much explains it really but if you're also thinking well, what does a pop shield do?, then that's also covered.


How to make a whoosh sound effect with your mouth
Learn how to create a whoosh transition sound effect for your videos by using only your mouth!*

*and a microphone, obviously.


How to talk faster
If you want to learn how to talk fast, then tongue twisters are your friend. Oh, and a pencil. This clip shows 3 ways to really work those mouth, tongue and lip muscles into a frenzy. Ideal if you're going to be doing some insanely rapid tagline work.


How to get a deeper voice
There'll be occasions in your voice over career, or life, where you'll need to know how to talk at a lower pitch. This is an important vocal warm up that I use before every job I do and it's probably the easiest of the bunch. Humming! 


How to sound sexy

I can't believe I have that written on my website. Anyhow, this is a useful voice over technique for scripts where you have to sound sexy, sensual and warm.

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