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In The Booth - A Short Film About Voiceover

I've always enjoyed comedy. From a tender wee age I loved watching shows like The Young Ones and Bottom - in fact, I pretty much wanted to be Rik Mayall.

Voiceover artist Martin Whiskin posing as Rik Mayall in The Young Ones

I remember the first time I ever saw TYO and not really understanding that some TV shows weren't real.

A distinct memory has me sitting with my dad watching the episode "Bambi" where Vyv gets his head chopped off when he shoves it out of a train window. Then he gets out and boots his bonce down the track.

My tiny mind was thinking HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!

Later on when Alan Partridge came about, I had a similar feeling. It totally blurred the lines of reality for me. Who is this terrible but hilariously awkward TV presenter? I think that's where pure gold happens - when you aren't sure whether something is real or not. I guess Keith Lemon is a very recent version of that. He really IS Keith Lemon for a lot of people. He very rarely appears outside of that persona.

Anyway. What was this post going to be about? Oh yes. A hilarious video I made. And there's the link ladies and gentlemen.

Not quite a Youtube Short but a short film on Youtube

I've released a voice over short film on Youtube, written by, directed by, edited by and STARRING yours truly. ME.

It's called IN THE BOOTH. The booth being a vocal booth. Obviously. Please watch and then read on.

I had a bit of trouble during the editing. The sound from the room was atrocious. It was boomy, noisy and, well, atrocious. Like I said.

I had to create all the sounds from scratch. The door handle, the door opening and closing, footsteps, sitting down and clothing noises.

Then there's the speaking bit (not including the wicked cool moody dark voiceover intro, that was recorded separately). I had to do lip syncing (automated dialogue replacement) for the whole sitting down segment.

I simply couldn't let sub par audio go out when I'm a working voiceover artist. What would people think?! Probably nothing. But anyway, go have another look and rip it to shreds now you know the truth!

What is the point of this video though? Well, it shows a little bit of my voiceover. It shows you who I am. It shows you my dedicated vocal booth.

It really is the perfect marketing piece! (Apart from the dodgy lighting, dodgy colouring, the part where I look away from camera mid sentence, the part where my hand signals "up" totally out of alignment with when I say "can you move the camera up", the use of a wide angle lens just to fit everything in and MORE).

But yeah. I like a bit of fun.

If you'd like to see other stupid videos I've made around the voiceover world, pop (shield) over to my Youtube channel.


If you have an HILARIOUS project that needs a voiceover artist who has little to no inhibitions and isn't afraid to let loose, please do get in touch.


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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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