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Podcast editing service

So you've got a podcast but don't have the time and/or skill to edit it?

That's alright, I'll do it. Welcome to my Podcast editing service

Send me the files, I'll tidy them up and send them back. Simple as that.


Well, there's a bit more to it, but that can come later. JUST TAKE ME TO THE PRICES.


Portfolio piece 1

Conversations About Advance Care Planning is a podcast about end of life care. Every week I receive a host file, a guest file and an intro file. My job is to make it sound like a seamless conversation and not something recorded over Zoom with internet lag and computer noise. 

The importance of quality audio

Who are you making the podcast for?

That's really easy to answer - THE LISTENER.

The listening experience cannot be overlooked when creating a podcast. Do everything you can within your capability and budget to make it sound as good as possible. The better the audio quality, the more enjoyable it is to listen to and the more engaged the audience will be - they'll pay attention and listen longer!

Think about background noise, banging, clicks, static, coughs, etc. If there's something that can knock a person out of their listening zone, you're more likely to lose them and your stories and messages will be lost.

Better quality audio for a podcast also equals professionalism, credibility, accessibility, consistency and STANDOUTABILITY.

One essential aspect of creating a successful podcast is the quality of its production. While content is king, ensuring that your podcast is well-edited can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining listeners. This is where a professional podcast editing service comes into play.

The details - what's included?

The podcast editing process involves various elements, including audio quality enhancement, removing background noise, adding intro and outro music, removing recording errors, adjusting levels, and more. All these aspects contribute to creating a polished and professional-sounding podcast that appeals to listeners, so whether your podcast is to promote you in social media or to drive traffic to your website I ensure that it has all the important elements. 


Every production is different.​ Obviously the more you want done, the longer it will take and the more cost will be incurred. JUST TAKE ME TO THE PRICES.

  • Background noise removal.

  • Unwanted noise removal (coughs, ummms and aaahs).

  • Removal of long gaps.

  • Levelling of voices.

  • Editing mistakes.

  • EQ.

  • Adding intros/outros/ads/breakers.

  • Adding music.

  • Adding SFX.

  • Publication.

  • Creation of 'headliner' clips.

  • Bespoke theme music (I work closely with a local composer).

There's not really a limit to type of podcast I edit. I've done everything from video games to law, and from end of life care to... you guessed it... voiceover.


Example of background noise removal.

Here's a quick demonstration of background noise removal. In the 'before' clip you'll hear a lot of computer noise. On the 'after' clip, you won't. You'll still hear a tiny bit of "room" but I find having "dead silence" can get tiring on the ear after a while.


00:00 / 00:21


00:00 / 00:20

Portfolio piece 2

Hidden By Design. This is a design podcast with an interesting format - teacher and student. There are two separate audio files recorded locally during a video call. Lots of cleaning up here in terms of umms and aahs at the host's request.

My approach to editing a podcast.

You might not be fussed in seeing this bit so TAKE ME TO THE PRICES.

If you are, here's a brief outline of a typical process.

  1. Have a chat about your pod. 

    • This will help give me an idea of the feel of the podcast. What's the format? What sort of music do you want? Etc etc.

  2. Talk about ways to improve audio at source (unless you've already recorded!)

    • Are you in a quiet room? Can you hear the fridge in the background?​ The more things you can sort beforehand, the better quality the audio will at the end.

  3. You record (you may have already done this).

    • Export in the highest quality you can. WAV is best!

  4. Send me the files.

  5. Import.

    • I take the files and get them into my software ready for the magic to happen (editing).

  6. Editing.

    • Compress and boost levels (giving a more even and louder overall sound). 

    • Background noise removal (like computer hum, room noise).

    • Removal of unwanted sounds (coughs, umms, aahs).

    • Tidy up mistakes (bits where you might have fluffed and done a retake, or bits you tell me to get rid of).

  7. Add intro/outro/music.​

    • You may have this already, if not, we can chat about this too.

  8. Final master.

    • A final process to get it ready for distribution.

  9. Export.

    • Get the audio back out of my software.

  10. Send to you or publish.

    • I'll either Wetransfer the file back over to you, email (if it's small enough) or get it scheduled for distribution if you need that service too.​

I use the latest version of Cubase to edit podcasts giving my a huge amount of control. Alongside that I use Izotope RX for cleaning up background noise and such like.

My attention to detail is almost forensic. I edit on closed-back, "neutral" headphones which give a well-balanced reproduction of the source audio. They are not like supermarket headphones that might be clouded by something like bass boost.

Summary of Key features of the Podcast Editing Service:

  • Professional Editing: I will ensure that your podcast sounds polished and professional. 

  • Customized Editing: I understand that each podcast is unique, and will adapt the output to your specific style and requirements. Whether you prefer a more casual and conversational tone or a more structured format, I will tailor the editing to suit your needs.

  • Enhancements: In addition to the technical aspects of editing, I also offer expert enhancements such as adding intro/outro music, sound effects, and transitions to give your podcasts a professional touch.

  • Timely Delivery: I value your time (and my own too) and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. I am committed to delivering the edited podcast within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring a smooth and consistent release schedule.

  • Quality Assurance: Each edited podcast goes through a thorough quality check before delivery to ensure that it meets my high standards of audio quality and editing precision.

Portfolio piece 3

The Semantic Satiation Hour is more like an audio experience than a podcast, it's the same sort of thing every week. However, it still needs to retain it's consistency so the listener gets that same experience time after time. 

Why me?

My life is audio.

Every day in the studio I'm doing one, some or all of these...

  • voiceovering

  • editing my voiceovering

  • mixing voice with music 

  • recording podcasts

  • editing podcasts

  • writing podcasts

At the end of my work day you'd think I'd like a bit of quiet. But no. That's when I...

  • put the radio on

  • put music on

  • put a podcast on

  • put an audiobook on

I love creating. I love listening. And I love creating something that can be listened to.


Portfolio piece 4

The Eh to Zed of Voiceover is written by, edited by, produced by and STARRING me. It's a light hearted look at the world of VO and has the most work done on it out of all of the examples. Music, FX, multi-voices, it's really a full on thing!

How much does podcast editing cost?


I work to a simple rule.

If you send me a piece of audio that is 30 minutes long, it will take me an hour to edit and produce it.

For equation fans that's...

Length of audio x 2

I charge £30/hr to edit.

So that thirty minute podcast will cost you £30 to be produced.

Some things can take a lot longer, like if you want me to sound design a story, but the general rule is as stated. But we'll be able to work all that out during our initial chat which you're going to book right now.


Portfolio piece 5

Brief Tapes is a podcast from a chamber of barristers. I take in an intro and two other files, all recorded in different places, which means a bit more fiddling to get everything sounding the same.


  1. Can you work with different podcast genres?

    • Yes. 

  2. What is your experience in podcast editing?

    • Have a look/listen above. I've also voiced podcasts, podcast intros and podcast ads.

  3. How do you ensure audio quality?

    • I do everything I can hear to improve the quality of the supplied audio. It's important to note that with some audio, there's only so much can be done. If the data doesn't exist in the original file, I can't put it in. For example, if you record in Zoom and the internet drops out in the middle of sentences and words are lost... they're lost.

  4. What is your pricing structure?

  5. Do you offer discounts for bulk editing or long-term contracts?

    • My rate is incredibly competitive so that's probably a no.

  6. How do I submit my podcast files for editing?

    • Once we've had a chat about it, I'll give you my email address so you can initiate a Wetransfer or similar.

  7. What is your turnaround time for editing a podcast episode?

    • It depends on my workload at the time, but I can probably safely say within 48 hours.

  8. Can you provide examples of podcasts you've edited?

    • See above.

  9. Do you offer revisions if I'm not satisfied with the initial edit?

    • Yes. I'll be happy to change something if you listen and find a part that's not to your liking. 

  10. How do I pay for your services?

    • Before we start the job I'll send you a contract to sign. After I've sent you the files, I'll send an invoice. Lovely!​

  11. Will you come on my podcast?

    • Probably.​

If there's something else you'd like to know, get in touch. I'm nice.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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