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My UK voice over rates 

Whether you're looking to hire a voice over artist or you're a voice over looking for help with pricing, then this page should be pretty useful.

One of the most confusing things about what I do, both for me and potential clients, is voiceover rates

What makes it so mind melting is that all genres of voice over work have a different pricing structure. Yup. We don't make it easy for ourselves. Each different project that I embark on whether it is for a podcast or for a local business has it's own unique set of challenges.  

There's a couple of things that I'd better point out right from the off as they're likely to shock and scare.

To some, a voice over artist hourly rate can look... shall we say... pricey. But you're not just paying for the voice. You're paying for the studio, the equipment, the experience, the knowledge, the advice, the editing, THE VOICE... really, you're getting a bargain when you enlist the services of a freelance voice over artist.

The second point is about usage fees. Some voice over projects command extra fees on top of what we call the BSF or Basic Studio Fee. 

If you remember what it was like to hire a video from Blockbusters, then you'll have an idea about usage. You would pay money to be able to watch that video for a certain amount of time.


It's the same with some types of voiceover - those that are broadcast. You pay for the BSF to hire the voiceover artist and you pay a %age of that BSF to use the voice over recording.

Oh and all voice over artists have different starting fees (BSF) depending on a number of factors like experience, access to their own studio etc.

Clear? Ok, well we'd better break it down then.

Corporate voice over rates

  • Corporate voice over is for things like company overview videos, exhibition stand videos, presentations etc.

    • BSF £200​

    • No usage fee if not broadcast

Internet voice over rates

  • Generic voiceover is for content on the web that isn't commercials or animated explainer videos.

    • BSF £200​

    • 100% usage fee per year

  • Animated explainer voice over are 'show-how' productions that​ describe a product or service of a company.

    • BSF £200​

    • 50% usage fee per year

Elearning voice over rates

  • E-learning voice over is for educational purposes. 

    • Charged per word @ 20p / word

    • Minimum charge of £100

    • Usage fee is included

Telephony / IVR voice over ratess

  • Telephony / IVR voice over is for on hold messaging, IVR menu systems, voicemails, out of hours etc.

    • BSF £40 (includes the first message/prompt).

    • Each additional message/prompt £7.50

    • Source and mix on hold music £25

    • No usage fee 

Apps voice over rates

  • Apps voice over is for content downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, but NOT games.

    • BSF £200​

    • 50% usage fee per year

Video games voice over rates

  • Video game voice over is for gaming on any platform. That could be consoles, phones, computers, online.

    • BSF £200​

    • 50% usage fee

Toys and physical games voice over rates

  • Toys and physical games voice over is for toys or games with voices inside them! Think robots, dolls, etc. NOT video games.

    • BSF £200​

    • 400% usage fee

Podcast voice over rates

  • Podcast voice over is for content on a podcast that isn't a commercial. Intros/outros/hosting.

    • BSF £200​

    • 50% usage fee per year

Voice of God voice over rates

  • Voice of God voice over is messaging broadcast at live events. "Please make your way back to your seats, the performance..."

    • BSF £200​

    • No usage fee

Commercial voice over rates

  • Commercial voice over is for adverts on TV, radio, cinema and internet.

    • These are all charged differently dependant on numerous factors - where it is being broadcast, size of the audience, period of broadcast, etc. For a quote, please get in touch.

If this has all been too much, or there's a genre not listed here, then don't hesitate to give me a call so we can discuss your project. 

My rates are based in and around the industry standard voice over rates of Gravy For The Brain. Rates can vary depending upon geographic location, so to clarify, the prices displayed here are my voice over rates UK. 

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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