What's my voice like then?


  • Natural, friendly, chatty, guy next door  

  • Warm, reassuring, caring, welcoming

  • Playful, fun, comical, sarcastic

  • Over the top, quirky, zany

  • Bright, bubbly, excited

  • Emotional, heartfelt

  • Cool, chilled, real

  • Relaxed, calm, peaceful

  • Informational, straight, corporate

What do I work on?

  • Explainers

  • Commercials

  • Corporate narration

  • On hold / voicemail / IVR

  • Video games

  • Promos

  • Apps

  • Podcasts

  • Toys and games

I've felt the need to be creative since I was quite young, but didn't know how or where to express it.

In my early teens, I went to my first gig and immediately knew that playing guitar and singing was the perfect outlet. I remember telling someone at a party I was going to be a famous rock star. Let's just say, what he said turned out to be correct.


For the next 15 years, making music was my absolute passion. I was lucky enough to play shows and festivals all over the UK and even had a teeny tiny bit of Radio 1 airplay! I always took a camera with me and that developed into a keen interest in photography, capturing special moments in a single frame.

During that time I started to volunteer at a community radio station, playing tracks from local bands and live engineering them in the studio. This was my first taster of being a "voice".

How I got into voiceover

Not content with playing in a band and being a DJ's sidekick, I still needed another avenue to create in. I started writing, filming and editing comedy sketches (HILARIOUS). This pushed me towards telling stories and I started to write screenplays and short tales with twists and turns. 

When I finally started to reign back my hectic music schedule, it gave me time to try something else. Jokes (HILARIOUS). This became a bit of an obsession, writing thousands over a couple of years and producing content for several Twitter accounts.

After being made redundant from my 'proper' job in 2018, I decided it was time to do something real with this creativity forever burning inside me.

Enter voice over...


I dipped my toes in the water after watching a webinar with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards, two stalwarts of the industry.


I was fascinated by being able to produce so many different and complex emotions with my voice and not just stupid noises like I had done for the previous *cough*ty five years.


This seemed like a challenge - and I was up for it.

And that's the tale of how I got into the voice over business. So here I am...taking my love of storytelling into yet another medium.

If you'd like to follow my ongoing journey, you can read about some of the things I get up to in my voice over blog.




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