How I became a voice over actor 

I've felt the need to be creative since I was quite young, but initially didn't know how or where to express it.

In my early teens, I went to my first gig and immediately knew that playing guitar and singing was going to be the perfect outlet. I remember telling someone at a party shortly afterwards, that I would become a famous rock star. Let's just say, what he said turned out to be correct.

Nevertheless, for the next 15 years, making music was my absolute passion. I was lucky enough to play shows and festivals all over the UK and even had a teeny tiny bit of Radio 1 airplay! I always took a camera with me and that developed into a keen interest in photography, capturing special moments in a single frame.

During that time I started to volunteer at a community radio station, playing tracks from local bands and live engineering them in the studio. This was my first taster of being a "voice".


Not content with playing in a band and being a DJ's sidekick, I still needed another avenue to create in. I started writing, filming and editing comedy sketches (100% hilarious). This pushed me towards telling stories and I started to write screenplays and short tales with intriguing twists and turns.


When I finally started to reign back my hectic music schedule, it gave me time to try something else - jokes (again, 100% hilarious). This became a bit of an obsession, writing thousands over a couple of years and producing content for several Twitter accounts.

After being made redundant from my 'proper' job in 2018, I decided it was time to do something real with this creative streak running through me.

Enter voice over...

I dipped my toes in the water after watching a webinar with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards, two stalwarts of the industry.

I was fascinated by being able to produce so many different and complex emotions with my voice and not just stupid noises like I have done for the entirety of my life.

This seemed like a challenge - and I was up for it.

So, that's the tale of how I got into the voice over business and here I am...taking my love of creativity, storytelling and connecting with people into yet another medium.

If you'd like to join names like Lego, RAF, Mercedes, NHS and Costa then do get in touch. Together we can give your brand identity... by giving it a voice.

What's my voice like then?


  • Natural, friendly, chatty, guy next door  

  • Warm, reassuring, caring, welcoming

  • Playful, fun, comical, sarcastic

  • Over the top, quirky, zany

  • Bright, bubbly, excited

  • Emotional, heartfelt

  • Cool, chilled, real

  • Relaxed, calm, peaceful

  • Informational, straight, corporate

What do I work on?

  • Explainers

  • Commercials

  • Corporate narration

  • On hold / voicemail / IVR

  • Video games

  • Promos

  • Apps

  • Podcasts

  • Toys and games

Martin Whiskin playing guitar on stage in Bristol
Martin Whiskin playing a toy guitar on Sunlight Radio
British voiceover artist Martin Whiskin in a totally unstaged action shot



Additional skills



Radio / TV commercials

Radio / TV promo

Video games

Telephone / IVR

Virtual Reality

Voice of God

Music library

Email / FTP / WeTransfer

Skype / Zoom connection

Source Connect Now

Kinetic Typography Animation

Podcast editing / production

Personalised Message From Santa

On Hold Marketing

Pre-recorded Telephone Messages

Video Projects

Kube vocal booth

Sennheiser Mk4 microphone

Focusrite interface

Beyerdynamic headphones

Rode PSA1 boom arm

Stedman pop shield

Cubase software

KRK Rokit RP5 monitor speakers



Sound design

Self direction