FAQs for a voiceover artist


What is voiceover?

Take a deep breath before reading this out loud - a spoken piece of broadcast quality audio, recorded either in a home or professional studio for a wide variety of applications such as commercials, promos, video games, e-learning and apps which can be set to visuals, music and sound effects or left as a standalone piece. 

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What does a voice over artist do?

A voice over artist breathes life into a script using different tones, styles, inflections, projection, emphasis, pausing, emotions, characters and back story (to name a few) in order to connect with the audience on a believable, human and emotional level.  

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How do I find voice over talent?

You already have. You could do the same again and click on a different link, but I'm happy you're here!

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Why is voiceover important?

Voiceover injects emotion. Voiceover connects. Voiceover adds context. Voiceover creates memories. Voiceover embodies brands. Voiceover becomes recognisable. Voiceover aids accessibility. And more cool sounding stuff.

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When should I use voiceover?

Use voiceover when you want to create lasting first impressions on your audience. Use it when you want to stand out. Use it when you want to make an impact. Use it when your video isn't really resonating how you thought it would. Use it to impress your nan. Use it to improve pretty much any production. Use it to make your brand human. 

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Is it voiceover or voice over?

The real question is: is it voiceover or voice over or voice-over?

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Do I need a voice over?

Well, of course I'm going to say yes! But there are many ways a professional voice over artist can benefit your project. Here's a few: a voice provides context and meaning; it connects better with the audience; it makes a brand familiar and memorable; it engages the viewer and keeps them watching for longer; it taps into people's emotions and makes them think; it builds trust. 

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Isn't voice over just talking into a microphone? 

In a word, no. Voice over artists have spent years practicing, honing their craft and expanding their range. Using a professional voiceover means not only a broadcast quality recording, but excellent interpretation of the script - ensuring the message is delivered in a style and tone that resonates with the audience. Read a blog about it here
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Why should I hire you?
If you’re looking to work with a versatile British male voice over artist, then you’re in the right place. (I’m also friendly, polite, professional and VERY FUNNY).

If you haven’t listened/watched my demo reels yet, do that first so you can get an idea if I’m the right fit for your project. Then take a look at the brands I’ve worked with and read some testimonials.


I want you to be confident you’re making the right choice.
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How do I hire you?
Give me a call or use the contact form to get in touch.


Some people will know what they want already but otherwise, we can have a chat about your project and find the best way to approach it.

Let me have as much information as possible up front: script, timings, music, pronunciations of names or words you think I might stumble on. You get the picture.

If all is well, I’ll get a contract over to you for you to sign.
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What’s the process after hiring you?
Once you’ve emailed the signed contract back, I’ll start work (if I haven’t already).


You’ll have your broadcast quality files within 24 hours.


If you have any problems or need a revision, then you can let me know.

Then the best bit… I’ll send an invoice.
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How much does a voiceover cost?
It varies from project to project so it's best if we have a chat. Go on. You might be pleasantly surprised!
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What’s your turnaround time?
24 hours.
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What editing will you perform on the file?
You will receive a broadcast ready piece of audio: compressed to bring the loudest and quietest bits closer together and normalized to bring the overall volume up. Depending on the project, I may also remove breath sounds. 

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Can you add music?
I can. I have access to a library of thousands of tracks or I can use music you provide.
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What formats can you export in?
I can deliver in whatever format you need. WAV and MP3 are the most popular but if you need something else, just ask.
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Can I hear some voiceover samples?
Yes! All of my voice over demos are on the homepage and the listen page.
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Can I watch some voiceover samples?
Yes! You can either watch some previous pieces of work or my voiceover video demo reel.
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What is an explainer video?
An explainer video is a short (usually) marketing animation explaining a company's product or service.
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What does IVR mean?
Interactive voice response. Press 1 for Dave, Press 2 for Sales, etc.
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Can you dial in to my voicemail to record a message?
Of course! All you need to do is provide me with your number and the pass code, so I can get into the menu system.
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What's the weirdest voiceover job you've done?

Replacing the original dialogue from a bodybuilding competition pose down video. I say dialogue, I actually mean all the grunting and growling noises that happens during flexing.
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How do I choose a voice over artist?

I've written a couple of blogs about things you should consider before hiring a VO, have a read of those. The first is titled "How to choose a voiceover: 4 things to think about" and the follow up is "Before you hire a voice over artist: do your research".
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How do I become a voice over artist?

Don't. I can't handle the competition. JOKE! If you want to know how to become a voiceover artist, I'd love to have a chat with you about it - drop me a message.
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How much do voice over artists get paid?

Hire me and you'll find out.
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