Videos with my voice

Stagecoach Bus Zero Tolerance Campaign

The Stagecoach Zero Tolerance campaign is an important initiative to remind people that bus drivers aren't there to be abused. This video is highlights the true story of one driver's terrible ordeal, calling for a downbeat, concerned and natural read.

Svalbard Adventures

Tour company Svalbard Adventures' brief was for a calm voice - more specifically, the opposite of dramatic. The laid back, cool tone used here matches up perfectly with the chilled music (and temperature of Svalbard itself!)

Westermans explainer video

Westermans International Ltd needed a voice over for their ultra short explainer video. The video shows Tom making some cash by selling welding machinery he doesn't use any more. So the tone is friendly, happy and bright - because who doesn't enjoy money?

That Monkey Game Kickstarter Campaign

From the very first image you can tell that That Monkey Game is going to be a lot of fun to play and that's what the makers wanted to get across with the video. The voice here is playful, comical in places and quirky (in light doses. It's an instructional piece after all!) 

RAF online activities

This set of e-learning clips for The RAF are a digital version of an activity book for children. Peter the pilot's voice is natural and friendly in order to keep the little learners engaged...I definitely wasn't going to be Mr. Bronson

BALDFORCE moisturiser

Netherlands based Baldforce wanted this instructional video to have some typical English humour, so I was very happy to get to work on the script with them. We went for a strong male voiceover, with tongue firmly wedged in cheek.

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