Videos with my voice over work

GoRoadie Pro - Narration

An up-tempo conversational voiceover read for a smart diary management app for driving instructors. Direction here was for a working class everyman, so we have a really down to earth, approachable tone for this one. 

The Creative Collective - Web ad

A fun read for a networking group I'm part of. Yup, a bit of free promo going on here. If you work in a creative role, come along! You'll get the vibe of the group from the video. Yup, I said "vibe". I'm cool.

Trak360 - Corporate voice narration

A narration piece explaining the Trak360™ patient and customer engagement platform, that engages with patients and care partners wherever they are. (Yes I copy/pasted that bit from their website).

Solo Coffee - Web commercial

A VERY cool ad for a VERY cool coffee company. The client wanted a slightly aloof, distant sounding voice, something that pulls you in but at the same time feels at one with the music and visuals. No distractions!  

Def Lepard Hysteria Slot - Character

If you skip to about 45 seconds, you'll hear me saying "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME BABY!" That's really all you need to know about this one. (There's other lines too, but this was my favourite!)

Empty The Bank - Character

This is a video showing Pragmatic Play's online slot machine "Empty The Bank" in action. You can see the character is a larger than life bank robber, so the voice here is loud, proud and most importantly, fun. I threw in some ad libs in my takes which made it into the game. Nice!

National Fish & Chip Day - Narration voice over

This is one of 4 short social media clips for the 6th annual National Fish & Chip Day. Light hearted and gently mocking, I was lucky enough to help out with the direction and tone of the scripts.

Lego - TV promo

These two clips are for a TV promo sponsorship ad shown on Eurosport during Le Mans 2020. The brief was for a confident British male voiceover, to marry up with the power and precision of both Lego and the race. 

Babergh and Mid Suffolk - Poetry narration

This video is to support a council's wellbeing plan which helps their residents live happy, healthy and independent lives. A hopeful, positive and inspiring voiceover.

MT Voice & Data - Narration

Created during a Coronavirus lockdown using stock footage, this upbeat, fun production needed a voice to match. The voice is both down to earth and lively, matching the visual style, music and script. Relatable. That's the word.

Fischer Fixings web video - narration
The brief for this job was "confident male". I can't say I've ever used a nail gun but if I ever do, I'd make sure I was confident in doing so. I don't want to be quivering and fire a round off into my thumb.

Stagecoach Zero Tolerance Campaign - Narration

The Stagecoach Zero Tolerance campaign is an important initiative to remind people that bus drivers aren't there to be abused. The video highlights a true story of one driver's ordeal, calling for a downbeat, concerned, natural read.

Home Instead - Night Owls

A short internet ad for a home care company. They needed a voiceover that was warm, intimate and friendly, to bring across the feeling of late night chats between their caregivers and clients.  

NHS - Youtube channel narration

Guy's and St Thomas' produced 5 videos highlighting some historical research accomplishments and how they're being continued today. This is a pretty straight voice over, intended to provide information in a clear and concise way.