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Videos with my voice over work

Watch the videos below and hear different voice over examples 

Professional voice-over services that suit your need are not always easy to attain. As a freelance voice actor, I am used to delivering a high quality online voice over service for TV, YouTube, commercials and more. I also network with other voice over actors as part of a community and this also helps us share best practices to deliver the very best outcome for our clients. After all, you need the best voice for your project and not all voices suit the requirements. In my various voice over acting jobs over the years, I’ve employed the technical sides of voice over such as tone, pitch, tempo, pace and emotion, but more importantly I’ve recognised the importance of listening to what any new voice over client needs and ensure the final results meet their expectations.

Your personalised voice over

These voice over examples alongside my voice over demos show the breadth of work that I’m asked to undertake and you can see how a different approach to each one illustrates the importance of understanding the role I’m asked to play before embarking on the voice over work. If you do have a requirement for your business then please contact me today either through the chat option below or call or email me.

National HIV Testing Week explainer

National HIV Testing Week - Explainer voice over work

This was such a great campaign to be part of - promoting the importance of getting tested for HIV. It Starts With Me want this generation to be the ones to stop HIV. 

Ramadan motion graphic

Ramadan - motion graphic narration

An emotional read about one of the pillars of the Islamic faith - Zakat. The illustrative style of the animation and subtle music pairs beautifully with the voice. Well, I would say that!

Serkova Vodka TV commercial

Serkova Vodka - TV commercial

This is one of the shortest but best projects I've been involved with. 3 words. THREE WORDS. That's one of the joys of voiceover - getting the message across in the time you have. Here, a 6 second TV ad.

Lego TV Promo voice over

Lego - TV promo

These two clips are for a TV promo sponsorship ad shown on Eurosport during Le Mans 2020. The brief was for a confident British male voiceover, to marry up with the power and precision of both Lego and the race. 

The Creative Collective advert

The Creative Collective - Web ad

A fun read for a networking group I'm part of. Yup, a bit of free promo going on here as part of voice over work near me. If you work in a creative role, come along! You'll get the vibe of the group from the video. Yup, I said "vibe". I'm cool.

What is cancer? Narration

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund - Educational narration

It was an honour to lend my voice to this animated explainer video. It's an important topic aimed at a younger audience, discussing how they can help if their friends have cancer. 

SLS Wills & More Animation narration

SLS Wills & More - Cutout animation narrative

This is a lovely stop motion animation for a local will writer. The script called for a wide range of emotions throughout - sadness, fear, worry, relief and hope. I'm really proud to have been part of this with two close networking companions.

ECL Nano short film

ECL Nano - Short Film

A very cool short film about a light where I narrate the main character's thoughts. This was so much fun to voice and there's a great twist at the end (well, there would be if I hadn't told you what it's about already).

Def Leppard character voice

Def Leppard Hysteria Slot - Character

If you skip to about 45 seconds, you'll hear me saying "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME BABY!" That's really all you need to know about this one. (There's other lines too, but this was my favourite!)

Fí Clinica Web ad

Fí Clinica - Web ad
The client wanted a clear, crisp read to marry up with their clear, crisp video. They wanted to convey their clinic's philosophy of perfection through ballet, emotive music and good enunciation!

Empty the bank character voice

Empty The Bank - Character

This is a video showing Pragmatic Play's online slot machine "Empty The Bank" in action. You can see the character is a larger than life bank robber, so the voice here is loud, proud and most importantly, fun. I threw in some ad libs in my takes which made it into the game. Nice!

CDS Typography animation

Community Driving Schools - Typography animation

A really fun animation for an amazing community interest company. A light and breezy, natural read that appeals to their target audience - people who want to help.

Community Driving School Web ad

Go Roadie Pro voice over work

Community Driving School - Web ad

CDS is an amazing organisation that helps those who've had rough journeys to turn their lives around. I'm proud to have been part of this brilliant production.

GoRoadie Pro - Narration

An up-tempo conversational voice over read for a smart diary management app for driving instructors. Direction here was for a working class everyman, so we have a really down to earth, approachable tone for this one. 

MT Voice & Data Narration

MT Voice & Data - Narration

Created during a Coronavirus lockdown using stock footage, this upbeat, fun production needed a voice to match. The voice is both down to earth and lively, matching the visual style, music and script. Relatable. That's the word.

Street lights Web campaign

Street lights mean 30mph - Web campaign

Did you know that? I didn't! Every day is a school day in the world of voiceover. This was a fun job - "a bit like a David Attenborough voiceover" - how could I resist giving it a blast?!

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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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