Videos with my voice

British voice over artist demo
It's me! Well, the thumbnail isn't, or any of the other actors, but the voice is! A selection of clips showcasing a range of voice styles for commercial and narration purposes. Please see here for a full list of music and video credits.

Bytestock - Stop motion animation

This rather lovely video is for Bytestock's new online server configurator. The brief asked for a neutral English accent with a bright and friendly tone, to suit the colours in the clip and the music. 

Sf Stefan - Corporate voice narration

This short film gives a behind the scenes look at civil engineering company Sf Stefan. A professional voice over with a calm and unassuming tone allows the messages from the sit down interviews to take centre stage. 

Matthew O'Donnell - CV narration

Belfast born videographer Matt wanted a natural, fun and engaging voice for his digital CV. This is an extremely well produced video that I'm proud to have been part of. The self referencing part was a very nice touch!

Polyspice Games - Gameplay footage commentary

This indie games company wanted some funny voice overs added to gameplay footage of their latest release. I was given free reign with the script and style, so I brought a lot of my own personality and humour to this read.

Lego - TV promo

These two clips are for a TV promo sponsorship ad shown on Eurosport during Le Mans 2020. The brief was for a confident British male voiceover, to marry up with the power and precision of both Lego and the race. 

Stagecoach Zero Tolerance Campaign - Narration

The Stagecoach Zero Tolerance campaign is an important initiative to remind people that bus drivers aren't there to be abused. The video highlights a true story of one driver's ordeal, calling for a downbeat, concerned, natural read.

Idris The Invoice - Animation

A ten part animated series about the life of an invoice, from document management company YourDMS. This was a really fun voice over script that allowed me to really "tell a story".

Polyspice Games Prize Draw - Narration voice over

Indie developer Polyspice Games held a prize draw competition to promote a new game release. My job was to make it feel like I was doing the draw live so a really natural voice over with hints of fun was used.

Most Dangerous - Youtube channel narration

This is a new Youtube channel dedicated to all things dangerous. This particular video is about ejecting from fighter jets. The voiceover tone here is quite downbeat, allowing the stories to take centre stage.

BALDFORCE moisturiser - Narration

Netherlands based Baldforce wanted a British male voice over that would capture typical English humour, so I was very happy to get to work on the script with them. We went for a strong, manly tone, with tongue firmly wedged in cheek.

RAF online activities - E-Learning

Voice over for E-learning isn't always how you might assume. This set of clips are a digital version of an activity book for children. Peter the pilot has a friendly, natural sounding voice which will keep the little learners engaged.

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