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Keep connecting and engaging with your customers even when you're out of the office.

  • It gives you a professional image.

  • It shows attention to detail.

  • It gives the brand an identity.

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Professional image
Have your competitors got a message like this? Phone them up and listen! This will help you stand out against them.

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Attention to detail
You've spent a load of money to improve every other part of your business, why forget the phone line?

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Brand identity
Giving your brand a voice can increase caller 
engagement and help increase customer loyalty.

Telephone message script

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Hello. Sorry we can’t take your call right now, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please leave your name, number, and a short message. Thank you.

"Martin came highly recommend.. I can see why."

Business Voicemail Greetings

Need a professional touch for your answering machine? Look no further! Get a FREE answering machine message that leaves a lasting impression. Download it now or ask Martin Whiskin, expert voice over artist, to create a more personalised message tailored to your needs. For downloading this one, you'll get 20% off when you decide to have a bespoke telephone message recorded, tailored to your business.

This is your chance to make a statement and engage callers with a clear, concise, and captivating greeting. Don't settle for generic voicemail greetings anymore.

Claim your FREE answering machine message today and let your callers experience the professionalism and uniqueness they deserve.

You'll get an e-mail pretty much immediately with a download link to get your file. If it's not suitable, let me know and we can talk about a bespoke message for you.

WANT IT ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE? I can do that for you.

What is voicemail? Definition and benefits.

Voicemail, a service that allows individuals to leave recorded messages for others when they are unable to answer a call. You know that already. It's become an integral part of modern communication. You know that as well.


But some consider voicemail outdated due to instant messaging, texting and voice notes. However, it continues to offer a range of valuable benefits that make it a relevant and indispensable tool for businesses.

  • Convenience and accessibility: One of the primary benefits of voicemail is convenience. People can leave messages for others without worrying about the recipient's availability. If they don't pick up, leave a message. Voicemail ensures that communication is not hindered by conflicting schedules or time zone differences.

  • Detailed communication: Unlike text messages that might be limited by character counts or misunderstood due to lack of context, voicemail allows for detailed and nuanced communication. Ideas, emotions, and instructions can be better conveyed through the spoken word (of course I'm going to say that), reducing the chances of misinterpretation.

  • Human touch: Voicemail adds a personal touch to communication by allowing people to hear each other's voices. Awww. This fosters a sense of connection and empathy that might be missing in text-based interactions. (Remember the nan who said "LOL" when she read about her grandson breaking his leg?) Hearing the tone, emotion, and sincerity in someone's voice can make the communication more meaningful and genuine. Humans like humans.

  • Multitasking and productivity: Voicemail enables recipients to multitask effectively. Instead of needing to be available for a phone call at all times, people can focus on what they're doing, knowing their voicemail (AND PRO-RECORDED MESSAGE) is taking care of things. This enhances overall productivity by minimizing interruptions. 

  • Professionalism in business: In the business world, voicemail is essential. Still. It ensures that calls from clients, customers, or partners are never missed, even during non-working hours. This professionalism can build trust and enhance the reputation of a business.

  • Voice messaging for accessibility: Voicemail is especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities. People who have difficulty typing or reading text messages can use voicemail to communicate effectively. Additionally, those with visual impairments can rely on voice messages to convey and receive information. Funny story. Speaking with a charity for the visually impaired recently, I mentioned that their videos have the words coming up on screen... but no audio. How can the very audience they serve consume the content? TUT!

  • Privacy and confidentiality: Voicemail offers a level of privacy and confidentiality. Sensitive information can be shared securely through voice messages, reducing the risk of data breaches that might occur with text-based communication. Although... phone hacking scandal anyone?! NOTHING IS SAFE!!

In conclusion, voicemail remains a valuable tool due to its convenience and personal touch. Despite the rise of alternative messaging platforms, voicemail continues to serve as a reliable and effective means of conveying messages, both in personal and professional contexts. 

If you landed here looking for me to do something for nothing, take a look at this blog post about free voice overs!

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