Voiceover and audio services


  • Commercial

  • Narration

  • Voicemail / IVR

  • Video games

  • Virtual reality

  • Podcasts

  • Corporate

  • Events

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Podcast editing

The best part of podcasting is always the recording. Who wants to get bogged down with editing?! Me, that's who!

  • Add intros, outros, music

  • Remove background noise

  • Remove umms, aahs etc

  • Edit, mix, master

  • Distribution if needed

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Podcast creation

For people who don't like the sound of their own voice or don't have the gear to record a podcast. 

I've teamed up with a scriptwriter to provide a full podcasting service.

  • Writing

  • Recording

  • Producing

  • Distribution

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On hold marketing

Why not change up your on hold messaging by offering your callers other services or promotions? 

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Telephone message shop

There's over 40 individual pre-recorded telephone messages in the shop.


Low cost, instantly downloadable audio files, ready to plug into your phone system.

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Story My Logo

What do you get when you cross a script writer, an animator and a voiceover artist?

A unique video that stands out from the noise.

We take your logo and turn it into a story!

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Father Xmas voicemail

Get an email and voice message from Santa, totally personalised for your child, children, dependant, friend or relative!

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Voiceover editing

If you don't have time to edit your work, or you're not yet confident enough to do it yourself then outsource... to me!

I use the latest version of Cubase to edit and mix on KRK monitor speakers and Beyerdynamic headphones.

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