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British male voice over artist demos

You've stopped on my voice over demos page for a reason, right?

You want to understand if I'm a good fit for your project - you want to know whether my voice suits your needs?

Although I’d love to say I’m perfect for every job, there are some things I can’t do. I’m not a Scottish female, for example. Or a Liverpudlian child.

But what I am is a down to earth, friendly guy with a voice to match. I’m a born and bred Kent voiceover artist, with a neutral, local sound.

Have a listen and see what you think.

You’ll hear that despite not being able to produce that female Scottish sound I was talking about, I have a range that takes my voice from bubbly and upbeat to heartfelt and emotional and many places in-between.

It's important that your target market doesn't miss the true meaning of what you want to say. Which is where a good British male voice-over (that’s me) shows their valueConnecting with the script and engaging the audience are essential to the success of a project.

There is a considerable amount of preparation that goes into creating the best outcome for your project and I'm here to deliver that for you!

Supply your voice over scripts and leave the rest to me

Whether you’re working on a TV commercial, radio advertising, e-learning, audio guide or IVR menu, make sure you choose the right voice over artist. Have a look at my full list of services here. I can lend my hand (voice) to pretty much anything and when Christmas comes around you can always order your own Santa - Out Of Hours message too!

You might need a comedic English voiceover, or maybe someone who communicates with confidence and authority. Have a listen to my commercial reel. It covers off a lot of styles and emotions in 84 seconds. I’ve kept it short because… I know your time is precious”.

Challenge me to be the voice for your next project - send me your voice over script and I can take it from there!

See below to contact me or continue to discover different projects that I've worked on with some videos of my voice over work.

For more info or to hire me for your next voice over project, please use the contact form or the chat box.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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