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Kinetic typography animation package

What is kinetic typography?

If you've already watched the video above, then you can probably guess what kinetic typography is.

Moving words.

Perhaps a better way of saying it is: a technique used in animation to engage the viewer, to set the mood, to drive home a message and ultimately... to entertain. 

Why use kinetic typography?

There's many reasons you might choose a kinetic typography animation over an explainer or your typical corporate video. Let's take a look at some...

  • Lower cost. There's no need to spend days shooting, with both you and the video crew on location.

  • Time efficient. See above.

  • Engaging content. The animation is always moving. It keeps the viewer watching the whole way through, waiting to see what happens next. The longer people watch the video for, the more your content will feed the almighty social media algorithms!

  • Unique content. Scroll through your timeline on Linkedin, or search Youtube for "business video". Chances are you'll be met with a whole bunch of corporate videos that lack individuality. Don't get me wrong, corporate has it's place and there is very good stuff out there, but it doesn't always stand out. Kinetic typography animations can be big, bright and bold!

What you get.

This package (put together by Nikki at NDH Productions and myself) gets you a super cool animated video to amaze your customers, family and friends. Ok, your family and friends might not be bothered about watching it but it's still worth it. 


Let's break it down:


  • Discovery call with NDH Productions and myself to find out what you want from the video and the messages you want to convey.

  • Updates throughout the process, from story boarding and on to the finished product.

  • Music, specifically chosen to suit not only the video, but your brand.

  • Sound effects, if required/appropriate.

  • Voiceover, with a tone suitable for the video, the music and your business.

  • A fully animated kinetic typography video for use on your website (16:9 aspect ratio), exported in whatever format you need.

  • If needed, a mastered audio file of the music/sfx/voice can be provided for other purposes.

  • Optional extras

    • Alternative aspect ratios​ for social media versions

    • Bespoke video thumbnail

Go on then, how much is it?

£350. That's it. An utter bargain.

And if you're still not sure, have a read about the benefits of video marketing.

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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