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New voice over video reel - wait... video?!

Here it is...

And now for some more words.

Voice artists are always looking to expand their range and I'm no different. Earlier in the year I picked a few tones and emotions that I wanted to work on to increase my repertoire. Alongside that I booked a few jobs that needed specific style reads, including one I didn't know I had in me before I auditioned for it!

So here I was, armed with some shiny new voices and... ummm... nowhere to go.

It was time to put on my oversized thinking trilby. What's another way of getting these voices out there permanently? Audition with them? Well, yes but I'm not guaranteed to get the job each time. MORE AUDIO FILES. Ugh, boring.

Then I got out my calculator.

Solve for x... Voiceover + x = GOOD CONTENT.

But my old solar power Casio doesn't do words.

I grabbed the abacus and started sliding the coloured beads about like a mad man.

Voiceover. Yes.

Video. Yes!

What if... I put my voice over a video? Yes! Or lots of videos? EVEN BETTER!! Nailed it.

I should have thought of this much sooner - a lot of my work is providing voice over for video!

If you prefer not using your eyes, you can go ahead and listen to a bunch of my samples.

Music credits

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Video credits



Hug, Boxing, Friends, Chess, Worried, Massage






Roller Coaster




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