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For those of you that insist on turning your computers off at 5.30pm on a Friday, plug this into your phone system.


You don't have to stick with what's available in the shop, you can make your voicemail greeting personal. See if you get any ideas when you listen to my telephony reel.


If you're worried that you don't know how to load these files into your phone, there's an easy way to get round that, which I higlight in this blog post. Might seem a bit strange, but it genuinely works! Lots of my clients have used this method.


Holidays aren't just in the summer - if you really wanted, you could have a Christmas business message on your answering machine... with the voice recording of SANTA CLAUS HIMSELF!! 


This is one of 4 holiday messages available in the shop. Others:

Holiday message 4

  • Sorry, we don’t work weekends, please call back on Monday. Thanks

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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