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Animating a logo – kinetic typography video service

Updated: May 17

Elevate your brand and engage your audience with a captivating logo animation that commands the viewers attention! Using a visual medium instead of an audio medium like radio, for example

Allow our team to unleash our creative flair and customise your existing logo to seamlessly match your brand's distinct vibe. Like to know more? We’re always being told to use our marketing to “speak to our ideal client”.

Of course, most of our marketing doesn’t actually say anything. And that’s because our materials are either just images or text. But what about all the other things you’ve got knocking about?

What about your branding? Right now, your logo is sitting on your LinkedIn profile, letter heading or website like a brightly coloured extra, when it could become your sexiest selling point. With no real purpose, it’s more of a tick-box thank-you-very-much investment than a secret weapon.

I know we can change that. How about we make some changes to it? How about animating the logo?

(Because we're talking about logos, here's mine. Again.)

Animate a logo

Should I animate my logo?

Absolutely! Here’s where “Story your Logo” is so brilliantly genius. Our fearless team of four has created animated logos…with a difference. Animated logos aren't, of course, anything new, but this is.

We’ve taken the concept of the humble logo and turned it into something much more engaging. A 60 second animation which includes one hundred words... written by a copywriter, spoken by a voiceover, designed by a videographer and animated by an animator. That last one was pretty obvious.

At the end of that, you get an asset you’ll be extra proud of. If that doesn't make sense, watch this example.

Talk about standing out from the crowd!

Fun, different and direct. You couldn’t ask for a better marketing tool. (But please note that it doesn't have to be as ridiculous as ours).

Want to find out more about “Story your logo”? Get in touch!

The process behind transforming your logo!

  1. A 45 minute discovery call with the whole team. Yes, ALL OF US.

  2. Alissia asks you loads of questions either on the discovery call or a separate call. Then she writes 100 words about your business. Once you approve it...

  3. Martin (just to clarify, that's me) does some voiceoverism and adds music. Once you approve it...

  4. Alex creates the typography version of your logo. (Takes your logo, destroys it, rebuilds it using words. Once you approve it...

  5. Niall animates those words.

Please note this is not a logo design service. We animate existing logos.

How much does it cost to animate a logo?

It's £800 all in.

What are the benefits of logo animation?

  • Brand recognition. Logos are awesome. Unless it's a rubbish one. But forget those for a moment. A great, eye catching logo builds association with a brand. For example, everybody knows the Nike tick, without seeing anything else. See the tick, think of Nike. When you add movement, you add personality. It comes alive, adding a very real, human element to it (even though it's graphical).

  • Increased engagement. We want our audience to stick around for as long as possible. The longer they're with us, the more likely they are to consider us or even buy from us. When you keep things interesting for an audience, for example, by animating a logo, their attention is held longer. They want to watch, they want to see what it does, they want to know what happens next.

  • Storytelling. People love stories. If you want to pull them in, a story will do it. By animating certain elements of a logo you can tell the audience about your values, your journey or any number of things. Confused? Ok. Take the Amazon logo, with the arrow going from A to Z. Oh, you didn't know about that? Well, keep up. If that was animated, the arrow could appear under A, and grow towards Z, hinting towards the movement of their products - all while looking like a smile. (It actually, apparently, stands for their product range being vast. i.e. products all the way from A through to Z. They should definitely do the travel thing too though.)

  • Versatility. An animated logo could be used in so many places. At the end of videos, on social media posts/comments, in presentations, on your website and loads more. Movement in those places is eye-catching.

  • Standoutability (real word, no need to spellcheck). Count up the amount of animated logos you see compared to static ones. (Don't, the answer is obvious). Don't be afraid to stand out, to try something different. Be a disrupter! Just don't swear too much. It's rude.

I can do it myself right?

You could, if you had all the know-how that the 4 of us have collectively! But, that's a tremendous amount of learning, trial and error, plus blood sweat and tears to get even remotely close to the standards we've already achieved. We've learnt the lessons already and know just how to produce a finished result that you would be very happy to share on all your video channels and social platforms. Don't forget, this is a fusion of bespoke skills: a perfect storm of experience, talent and tools that will support your brand's story.

What is kinetic typography?

Thought I'd better go into this a little bit as it's in the title of the blog.

The word "kinetic" relates to motion.

The word "typography" relates to making the written word legible, readable and appealing to look at.

Put them together and you have nice looking, moving text. It adds excitement, energy and another 'e' word that I've already used - engagement.

Need more logo animation examples? Oh go on then, here's a Story Your Logo we did for Linkedin.

You see, that one is more professional than ours! Which is another benefit I should have mentioned up there ^^. Professionalism. Sorted.

Story Your Logo animated logo design video transcriptions

SYL How the HELL… do you speak to your target audience, covey the tone of your brand and showcase your product in under 100 words?

Sounds hard, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not that hard… I’m doing it right now.

I’m Martin – the one with the sexy voice, Alissia is our Word Wizard, and Alex is the creative videographer and content genius behind this little animation. Together, we’re the dynamic trio at Story Your Logo! We’re here [cough] to shout about your brand.

Looking for a fun, different and direct way to reach your audience?

Well, here it is

Ta-dah! Boom, 97 words. Now 100.

To be honest, it doesn’t have to be in exactly 100 words.

We’re just here to Story Your Logo.

Get in touch!

Ah yeah. Mmm. We should probably mention Niall. He does the animation with us as well now. Yeah could you add this bit in at the end? That would be great. Thanks mate.


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