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Hurry! Soon you'll need a professional voicemail message!

If you've got atrocious telephone answer messages, soon they'll be OBVIOUSLY atrocious to MORE people.

I mean, if they're bad, people already notice but BT are doing something soon that means people will be able to hear their atrociousness with much more clarity.

Voiceover artist Martin Whiskin getting grumpy about a bad telephone message

When BT finish the rollout of their swish FULL FIBRE, there will be no need to keep the ancient technology we've used for phone calls for literally millions of years.

So, they're killing it.

Which does mean amazing, new, super fast, super reliable internet. But it also means you'll have to move to a VOIP phone system.

There are lots of VOIP benefits like cost, reliability, scalability and portability. There's also the improved audio quality of the call.

Which is brilliant. However, that can also turn into one of the VOIP disadvantages. Let me explain...

Voiceover artist Martin Whiskin getting excited about a good telephone answer message

If you have bad telephone messages, you'll be showing them off in all their awful glory.

No longer will you be able to hide behind the crackly, slightly muffled, highly compressed phone signal.

So. Ahem. Hello. I'm Martin and I'm a voiceover artist and here are 5 reasons you should get some professional answer phone messages. The sixth reason is of course the death of the copper network, we've just been over that.

Have a watch of this video and see if it rings (good pun) any bells (another good pun)...

You should also have a think about on hold marketing. 3 in 10 people buy a product or service after hearing an on hold marketing message. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!


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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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