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MT Voice & Data Voice Over Narration

I recently had the pleasure of working with David Proud of Proud Business Productions on a project for MT Voice & Data.

As soon as I received the script I knew this would be a fun job. It was written in a really natural, down to earth way, with sprinkles of humour throughout. That's exactly my cup of tea.

Myself and David had a conversation beforehand where we spoke about the visuals and music, and made a few changes to the script to smooth out the flow of the words.

This was a good example of how communication and collaboration between all parties generates a finished product everyone is proud of.

There were times during the last year when filming just wasn't practical, so this was put together with high quality stock footage. I had no idea about the funny captions that turned up in the finished edit but they really add to the overall style and feel of the video.

David was even kind enough to write a testimonial for my work on this:

Martin is the best VO artist I have worked with

Hmm. I wonder why I pulled that quote out?

You can read the full version on my brands and testimonials page.

If you'd like something similar for your project (or indeed something completely different) then let's have a talk about voiceover and discuss your ideas.

You can listen to my voice over demos or watch some other videos I've narrated to get an idea of what else I can do.


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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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