The importance of setting goals

If you don't set goals, what have you got to aim for?

I'm not talking about vague goals here. I mean goals that have been backtracked from the end goal. Specific, niched down goals.

For example. If I have an original goal of "be a successful voice over artist", there will be hundreds of smaller goals that I can aim for on the way. Anything from "learn this accent", "get mentored by ____", "do a job for ____".

At the start of this year I refreshed my goals. It's important to review them every now and then so you can see what you've accomplished and to ensure that you remain focussed.

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One of my goals was to do a job for the NHS. After everything they've been through and everything we've seen in the past 18 months, I wanted in some way to be more connected. So, I drove towards it. When the opportunity arose, I grabbed it very tightly and didn't let go!

Here's a set of 4 (of 5) videos entitled "Then and Now" from Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. My job, of course, provide a voiceover narration suitable for the historical and clinical nature of the short documentary pieces.

One of the great things about voiceover is learning stuff you might never have known about otherwise...

...wait Russell Claude Brock did what?!

...and who is Samuel Wilks?!

Oh ok phew, I've definitely heard of Florence Nightingale.

You can find some more voice narration jobs I've been involved with on my voiceover video samples page.

Or, if you're tired of using your eyes, give your ears a workout with my narration demo reel:

If you're still not done listening to me talking - let's chat about your project!

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