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Voiceover for GoRoadie Pro

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

GoRoadie is a service which connects learner drivers with an instructor that's best suited to them. There was none of that in my day. I just went with who my sister had previously learnt with and hoped for the best.

They also have an app which aims to make the life of a driving instructor easier. This was where I came in... not to be a driving instructor... to do a voiceover for the video about the app.

GoRoadie Pro video still

This was a very nice project to be involved with that really let me stretch my voiceover muscles. There's a bit where I talk fast. There's a bit where I whisper. There's a lot where I'm smiling.

The direction for the job was an "English everyman". Well, I couldn't be more everyman if I tried. I'm VERY normal. When I need to be.

The target was "Independent driving instructors" which was great for me - I know a few so I had my audience set in my mind.

It's a really light and breezy, chatty read. A very down to earth, approachable tone.

Anyway, I'll stop writing about the video now so you can hear it instead...

When you're looking to appeal to a wide audience, a neutral British voice over from someone who could be the guy next door, is an obvious choice.

To see more examples of my voiceover work in action, take a short trip to the videos section of the site.


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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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