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Wallpaperbase Case Study

A problem

Wallpaperbase got in touch via the chat box on this very website (bottom right if you want to talk!) to discuss some short voicemail greetings for their telephone line.

They'd had their phone system for a few months and were using BT's 'text to audio' service for their business answer phone messages, which, in the client's own words, "sounded horrible".

Being an online only retailer, after email, the next line of communication is of course telephone. It's going to be a point of contact for many customers, so a robot voice at the end of the line doesn't appear very professional - it's not a good first impression at all.


A solution

It's simple. If you want to come across as professional in every part of your business, pay attention to the details in all of those parts!

When it comes to answer phone messages you have two options (three if you include using an automated computer generated voice).

1. Record it yourself. It might sound ok (especially if you read these 10 tips on how to record a better voicemail for your business), but you'll also have to contend with dodgy audio quality.

2. Get a voiceover artist to do it for you. Which is what happened in this instance!


Given that BT are going to switch everyone over to VOIP soon (the copper wire network is VERY old), professionally recorded telephone messages will become even more important. Calls will be clearer - so if you have rubbish voicemails or out of hours messages, it will become even more obvious to the caller that they're atrocious!

Don’t put off your customers before you even have the chance to talk to them. Show them you care.


Wallpaperbase contacted me so they could get rid of a voice that had no personality, doesn't connect with the callers and just sounds bad. Now, they have the exact opposite of that. A human voice that's not only engaging but it's recorded in a sound proof vocal booth - audio quality is high!


Get in touch so we can give your business answer phone messages the human touch.


I contacted Martin via his website chat and later the same day I had received my voice over messages. I now wonder why I didn't do this sooner. No hassle experience with some very professional sounding recordings. 




Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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