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Welcome to the Answer Phone Message Shop

Roll up up, get your professional voicemail recordings at the answer phone message shop!

Well, it's not just for on hold, it also has unavailable, busy, out of office and COVID related messages.

You're right. That's a terrible opening paragraph so let's rewind a bit.

"What are you talking about, Martin?"

For a couple of months I've been thinking about how I can offer a service that is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Generally, the cheapest type of voiceover money can buy is that in the telephony genre. If you compare the amount of people that see a TV ad against the amount of people that might hear a message on a phone, you'll understand why.

This considered, I wanted something that could be accessible, quick, easy and reasonably priced.

The idea I settled upon is generic (that makes them sound boring, they aren't) professionally recorded telephone messages. By generic, I simply mean that they're 'catch-all'.

No company name is attached to the message, so any business type can use them.

A strange looking pink telephone sits on an old table

"But what do you get out of it?"

MONEY HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. I've kept the cost low for the reason I spoke of above - accessibility. We're in a time where everybody is finding it tough. So rather than cutting prices across the board, a new lower cost product seemed like a good alternative.

You still get the quality of a studio recording and it doesn't hurt your pocket. They're recorded to the same standard as any other project I've worked on.


I spent time writing the scripts, recording them and editing them. There's also costs to host the shop and fees for each transaction.

"Enough! Just tell me what stock you have"

You can have a look at the shop here, which shows all of the products, in groups.

Welcome messages x4

Extension message x1

Call recording message x3

Voicemail x2

Unavailable messages x4

Busy messages x3

After hours / out of office telephone messages x4

On hold messages x10

Holiday messages x4

Call end messages x4

COVID related messages x3

"I want to listen before I buy"

Go on then! Get over to the shop page and click the play buttons. They're watermarked for security with me sounding creepy in the background saying... "watermark"... original, I know.

And if you really like reading, you can print off the scripts and get stuck in here.


When you want to buy, just click "add to cart" like with any other online store. It's totally secure and I see nothing of the transaction details. You'll get an email link to download your telephone message in WAV, MP3 and u-law format but there is also a download button on the page that appears after the transaction.

Like I said earlier - it's quick. You can buy the pre-recorded voicemail greetings and start using them right away. No need to wait for me to record!

So that's it.

Photo of everybody after reading this blog by on Unsplash

Happy shopping!

Of course, you might want your company name or more information in your professional voicemail greetings. If that's the case, pop over to the contact page. And then there's on hold marketing! That's even better! As a voiceover artist based in Kent, i'm very happy to help,

Here you can listen to some examples of business telephone messages...


Thanks for subscribing!

Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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