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Why are some TV ads weird (but effective)?

A couple of weeks ago over on LinkedIn, I had a discussion about TV commercials for carpets.


Somebody else chimed in querying why mattresses in bed related commercials never have sheets on them...

It got me thinking about other clichés and things that crop up a lot in TV ads and the result is the video at the top of the page, taken from my Youtube channel.

It really all comes down to feelings.

The video example is somewhat typical of fragrance ads. Throughout the clip you have no idea what's happening or what the product is... you can't smell through the TV. Often they're so obscure you're left thinking "WHAT?!"

But what they're doing is trying to elicit an emotion, something that you can associate with the brand. Often with perfume it's sexy, cool, suave, high class and all the other things you might think makes it more desirable.

For the carpet ads, if you see people without socks, squishing their toes into the pile, you're more likely to sense the softness, the luxury and the quality of what's on offer. If they had thick slipper socks on, or trainers, that feeling wouldn't exist. There would be no human connection to the carpet.

It's the same for the mattresses. They want you to see the product in all it's glory, to form an opinion and a feeling surrounding that brand and it's product. If they cover it up with sheets and duvets, it's nowhere to be seen.

Voiceover helps to create those emotional connections with the viewer or listener. Using different tones, styles, emotions and a whole host of other techniques, we make the brand's messages resonate with the audience.

Next time you catch yourself saying "now that is a weird tv commercial", have a think about why it's like that. My name is Martin Whiskin and I'm a voiceover artist. Please visit my homepage to see some Demo Reels and the chance to purchase your own voicemail message or contact me via Chat and ask me to record something special for you. Bespoke requests are very welcome.


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Martin Whiskin voiceover artist talking into a Rode NT1-a microphone
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